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Lenticular Custom - Flip

Lenticular Flip technology allows us to take 2 photos and combine them into a single photograph. You will see a different photo depending on your perspective, allowing your picture to flip between 2 photos.

  • Flip between 2 photos of your choosing
  • Clear flip photo transitions
  • Available in 2x3 wallet size(in sets of 20), 4x6, 5x7, and 11x14
  • We will crop and cleanup your photo as necessary for you!
  • Reduced pricing for duplicates ordered
  • Makes a unique gift for many occasions
  • Quick turn around times (we ship in 3-5 business days)


It's a remarkable and magical way to see a photo transform from one to another. Some great ideas include a wedding photo flipping to an anniversary photo, themed flips like our Halloween zombie flip, or pet photos that flip from one pet to the other. Let your ideas fly, we are here for you! 

The difference with 3DReactions is we will clean up your photograph for you as necessary and send you a preview to make sure your happy. We work with our customers to ensure that you are getting what you want!

Now you can get a duplicate Flip Picture at a reduced price when you order on our website! Simply select the number of duplicates that you want


An example of one of our flips transitioning from one image to another. Makes a great family photo idea. Also great for graduations, weddings, and much more. 


This is one of our popular themed flips that we do around Halloween time. See your image transition to a zombie, ghoul, vampire, or your favorite scary creature


Pet Photo Ideas, see your pictures flip between those lovable little pets of yours. Cats, dogs, doesn't matter. If you have 2 pictures we can customize them into a single flip. Lenticular Technology is amazing!

How To Order

  1. Pick your size and the how many duplicates that you want in the selection boxes above
  2. After you click "Add To Cart" click Checkout 
  3. Enter your order information and at the bottom of the Checkout page upload your 2 photos in the section labeled "Your Image(s) - Upload Images Here"
  4. Please tell us in the "Order Requests"  section if you have a preference as to which image should display when facing your Lenticular Flip straight on. 
  5. Complete your Billing And Shipping information and pay online with your Credit Card or Paypal

* Please note if you have any problems uploading your photos, just email them to us after you place your order at 3dreactions@jodaent.com

Tips On Selecting Your Photos for Flips

  • Pick 2 pictures of equal shape if you can, eg. Landsape to Lanscape or Portrait to Portrait. We can match a Lanscape to a Portrait or visa versa, but we will need to crop one of the photos to make them the same shape and size.
  • Send us the highest quality photos that you can, particularly if you want 11x14 inch flip. The better the quality the original photos the better the result.
  • Try to pick pictures without too much contrast between them, eg. areas like white on one picture that match against black on the other. The less contrast the less of what we call ghosting will occur when flipping between pictures. 
  • Pictures that have a lot of high contrast areas can still work, but we will typically alter the photos to reduce the contrast, so for instance we will make darker colors lighter or lighter colors darker where they overlap in an image. Most people do not notice the difference, but we will let you know if there are any problem spots.

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